White Cat Publications, LLC. is all about encouraging writers to keep writing, readers to keep reading and to inspire a sense of elegant possibilities in the creative community.  To this end, we’re always open to your feedback, your input, your thoughts and your well-worded criticisms.

That’s why we’re committed to creating magazines and books that are invigorating, exciting, filled with adventure and romance and unlimited possibilities.  The written word can engage our minds, our hearts and our souls like no other media because it stretches our imagination to be equal to the task.  Both author and readers have to engage to make stories successful.

It’s a requirement here to enjoy reading- if you don’t think reading is fun, you’ve got the wrong idea what reading is all about.

We think it’s so important, that at White Cat Publications we now offer our readers 17 magazines including those envisioned, created and developed by the wonderful people that staff our Sam’s Dot Publishing imprint.

We have a new imprint we’re now developing titled Diversity Publishers, which will focus on the cultural diversity and inspiring stories from around the world.  Look for it soon.

Our inspiration to publish magazines and books comes from the influence of some truly amazing people:  William and Deborah Jones (from Elder Signs Press – two better people and friends you couldn’t ask for), James Baker (who started Pro-Mart, which, under the guidance of Tyree Campbell became Sam’s Dot Publishing),  Nancy Lewkowicz (whose love of magazines and books was unflagging), Charles and Lana Gramlich (whose golden hearts and creative gifts can’t help to inspire others in the community) and all those writers over the years who have enriched our lives and filled us with joy.

So take a lesson from the kids in the picture.

We’re never too old to be amazed and delighted by what we read.

That’s what White Cat Publications, LLC. is all about.

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