Announcing The Terrarium Dragons



White Cat Publications is proud to announce the publication of Lorie Calkins’ wonderful young adult science fiction story The Terrarium Dragons.  It’s available now in the Kindle version over at Amazon and the print version will follow in the next week or so.  Lorie has an exceptional gift for this genre and it’s a natural for a series.  Here’s the press copy describing the story:

Moving always means a few difficult changes, but Jason’s family just moved to a space station orbiting Mars! How’s that for change?! He’s had to part with everything except his parents and the one thing he would gladly have left behind: his pain-in-the-neck baby sister. But Jason copes with learning the spacer way of life, spacer slang, even the disaster drills his sister makes it impossible to get right.

Among his new friends are Kia, a girl whose grandparents were cosmonauts, and the bugs his teacher captured on a trip to a distant planet. Kia helps him get spacer ways right, and the bugs sense his homesickness. Everyone thinks Jason’s talk about singing dragons is just the imagination of a lonely boy. But when the class bullies cause a station-wide crisis, it’s up to Jason to use his new skills and all his courage to save the tiny dragons he alone thinks are too smart to be just bugs.

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