Aoife’s Kiss Issue 43 Arrives

Aoife’s Kiss Issue 43 is now available for download in our bookstore along with a host of other new magazines that we publish- fifteen and counting!

Aoife’s Kiss is the brainchild of science fiction publishing legend Tyree Campbell and our Sams Dot Publishing group and it has just grown better and better over the years offering the best in innovative science fiction and fantasy by both new talent and established writers.  This issue contains:

Fiction D. Gansen: Just Another Cochoc Vys Wayne Carey: Property Values Ken Liu: The Messenger’s Tale Meryl Ferguson: A Life In Trade Jen Hansum: The Seal King Daniel Algara: The Mage Of Manera Lorraine Pinelli Brown: The Heisenberg Principle Jennifer Rachel Baumer: Harp’s World: Finding Lives In The Balance Jennifer Juneau: Broken Bryan Wein Lakeside: An Old Dream Jamie Lackey: Sleeping Beauty Chris Zollner: The Kindred Tim McDaniel: Season’s Greetings

Poems Wanda A. Wallace: Switches Suzanne Sykora: Rune Stones Christina Sng: Gaea’s Eulogy Shelly Bryant: Jade-Tiger Christina Sng: The Monolith Rone Wisten: Forever Love JD DeHart: Rusted World Amanda Jo Angleberger: Suffocation Between Octopus Arms Richard H. Fay: Pixies In The Porridge Shelly Bryant: Apocalypse,

Now And Again Features Sweet Tooth reviewed by Ryan David Muirhead

Illustrations Richard H. Fay: Pixies In The Porridge

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