Aoife’s Kiss

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced, Aoife’s Kiss is our stellar science fiction and fantasy magazine.  Here’s what’s in Issue 42:

Stories Steve Newton: The Woman Who Will Be Murdered Yesterday Tim McDaniel: The Walk Back D. Thomas Minton: The Last Horse Nyki Blatchley: Witch Rebecca Harwell: Shifting Sands Of Blood L. Joseph Shosty: Of All Beautiful Things Mary E. Lowd: Life With The Tumblers Brent Knowles: The Onion Farmer Charlie Brooks: Foundling Tony Peak: Infernal Heroes Giovanni Giusti: Spirit Landing Sarah L. Byrne: The Princess In The Tower Grant J. Howe: Untethered Olga Godim: From Garbage With Magic Eamonn Murphy: Fifteen Hundred poems Diego Miller: Picnic At Area 51 Sandra Sowers Platt: Confusing Confessions Stephanie V. Sears: Willa And Alaric Holly Day: The Ghosts At The Mall Holly Day: Duckweed On The Timing Belt Anna Sykora: The Sadness Anna Sykora: The Hottest Yet Will H. Blackwell Jr.: Appropriated Plan Yue Xing Wang: To Seek, To Remain Jason Sturner: Out Of The Ad Space Stephanie V. Sears: In Legend

features Writing Talk with James Gunn, interviewed by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

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