Jackson  Creed’s new novel of dark fiction titled Breath is now available in Kindle version at Amazon.  It’s a remarkably creepy tale of dark spirits, psychological horror and warfare between the living and the damned.  As one reviewer put it, “Jackson Creed is the new exponent of quiet horror.  Touching the depths of darkness and human morality: read and be damned.”  Breath is guaranteed to keep you up at night.

It will be available in print version in another week.  The audio version is scheduled for release in early May.

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ghost box resizedAs part of our “appeasing the spirits” program, The Ghost Box can be downloaded for free as part of the Amazon KDP Select program for the next 5 days!

It’s the story of a paranormal investigation that goes horribly wrong in a way that you’ll never, ever forget.  Just click on the cover picture above to order your free Kindle download.

Another Dark Tale by Jessica Penot



 Lost in Time at The

Petit Trianon


The French Aristocracy spent a considerable amount of time trying to get away from the people they ruled. The first French palaces, where the kings would live, were in the center of Paris. The need to escape the mob drove the ruling class to construct the palaces that are now The Louvre, which was on the outskirts of the city. When the city pressed too tightly on these palaces, the French kings moved to Versailles, which is quite far from the city. Finally, even Versailles was too much for Marie Antoinette, who decided to have her own Petit Trianon built. In a time of financial strife, when the people were starving, the little Marie spent a small fortune creating a refuge for herself far from the people. Maybe this is why the French Monarchy came to such a dark end, the monarchy seemed to spend more tax money trying to escape the people than trying to help them. The people starved, suffered, and died, but the monarchy and aristocracy just kept building more and more expensive palaces further and further from anyplace they could see the suffering of the people.

The Petit Trianon is amazingly beautiful. Marie Antoinette made it a little piece of heaven, but it is soaked in blood and forever a symbol of the aristocratic oppression of the French people. It is not surprising that this disquieting place in known to be haunted and lost in time. It is not only known for its numerous ghosts, but also for its strange time slips. A plethora of ghosts have been seen wandering the serene grounds of this sanctuary. Workers in eighteenth-century clothing are seen milling about. Marie Antoinette and her many visitors and friends have been seen in the building and gardens. Strange noises have been reported throughout the Petit Trianon. Phantoms call this small palace home.

One of the most interesting stories from the Petit Trianon involves a group of people that went into the building at the turn of last century for a tour. The building, which had once been crowded with people, suddenly became empty. The silence was uncanny and the group wandered for what seemed like forever trying to figure out what had happened. Finally, a lovely lady appeared seated on a terrace. As they approached the lady, a footman came and drove them out of the terrace into a crowd of people. As they left, they realized that not only had no time passed since their arrival and their departure, but the woman they had seen on the terrace matched the picture of Marie Antoinette perfectly.