Hock Hochheim Agrees to Interview with Modern Ninja Magazine

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Ninja Arts are famous for their focus on knife defense; hence we are thrilled to announce that the world’s most respected knife combat expert Hock Hochheim (author of Be Bad Now) has agreed to an interview for the first issue of Modern Ninja Magazine. Here’s a thumbnail of Mr. Hochheim’s background taken from his bio:

Hock Hochheim served as an MP in the U.S. military both stateside and in Korea. He also worked as a police officer and detective for 23 years in Texas working violent crimes and narcotics. Also during his career he worked as a security guard, doorman, private investigator, body guard and security consultant. 1973 to 2004. In 1973, W. Hock Hochheim first worked in various security positions, then served in the US Army Military Police as a patrolman and investigator in both General Investigations and M.D.D.S. – The Marijuana and Dangerous Drug Section, in the USA and overseas. Next, he was a Texas patrol officer and a detective for decades.

Then he became a private investigator in the late 1990s, as well as a bodyguard and security consultant for various celebrities and politicians on their tours and business, most notably “America’s Mayor,” Rudy Giuliani. Hock has assisted on various cold case murders. For several years, publicity agents contacted Hock to organize security for celebrities like singers, models, authors, even politicians like former President Jimmy Carter while they promoted new books and music, or made speeches. Hock still advises and helps staff some security projects within the United States.

In 1990s, Hock was a modern pioneer in the integration of hand, stick, knife and gun training, and the use of the term “combatives” which was used by so few back then, but now an over-popular, widespread title today.

• 3rd Dan Black Belt in GM Ernesto Presas in Filipino Arnis De Mano, directly from the Grandmaster. Awarded the title of Guro, 1st Dan Black “Lakan Isa” in Manila, the Philippines in 1993
• 2nd Dan Black Belt in Prof. Remy Presas Modern Arnis, directly from the Professor
• 5th Dan Black Belt in Kajukenbo from Prof. Dean Goldade in the Professor Gaylord Method.
• 3rd Dan Black Aiki-Jitsu from Dr. Carl Farenalli
• 7th Dan Black Kempo under Sensei RJ Oak
• Honorary Krav Maga Instructor, United Krav Maga World Organization
• Various, lessor rankings and instructorships in other systems of Jujitsu, JKD, Ground fighting, Silat, Inosanto Systems instructors, Apache Knife Fighting, Thai.”

Here’s a short list of his books:

“Books by W. Hock Hochheim – Non-Fiction

knife counter knife combatives impact weapon combatives hock hochheim Hock Hochheims Bio
• Knife Counter/Knife Combatives (Hardcover) – ISBN 9781932113402
• Knife Counter/Knife Combatives (Perfect Binding) – ISBN 9781932113464
• Impact Weapon Combatives (Hardcover) – ISBN 9781932113471
• Impact Weapon Combatives (Perfect Binding) – ISBN 9781932113457
• Training Mission 5 – ISBN 9781932113525
• Training Mission 4 – ISBN 9781932113563
• Training Mission 3 – ISBN 9781932113501
• Training Mission 2 – ISBN 9781932113495
• Training Mission 1 – ISBN 9781932113488
• Military Knife Combatives – ISBN 0965730212 (Out of print, sometimes available on Amazon.)
• Unarmed vs. the Knife – ISBN 0965730220 (Out of print, sometimes available on Amazon.)
• Knife Fighting Encyclopedia – ISBN 0965730204 (Out of print, sometimes available on Amazon.)”

His complete bio is available at his Force Necessary website.

Until we publish our interview with him, please enjoy the above video with Mr. Hoccheim from the respected Martial Arts TV.

Modern Ninja Magazine Open for Submissions

Modern Ninja Magazine
Ninja Art

Ninja Art


GUIDELINES:  Ninja Magazine

Before we get started, a couple of helpful points.  First, there are many martial arts schools that claim ninja lineage. Modern Ninja Magazine is not here to bolster those claims.  It is the editor’s personal belief that Ninja heritage cannot be validated due to the nature of the art. Our position is not meant to contest or dress down anyone else’s beliefs in the matter.  Ninja Magazine is not a forum to argue about which Ninja schools are legitimate and which are not.

What Modern Ninja Magazine is about is exploring the Ninja mythos in all its aspects.  The weaponry, the techniques, today’s players and posers.   We’re interested in Ninjas as portrayed in books and films.  We’re interested in Ninjas from other cultures.  We’re interested in original Ninja fiction.  We might accept Ninja poetry, but it would have to really knock our collective socks off.

And second:  at the bottom of these guidelines you will find some advice for writers.  We strongly urge you to READ & HEED this advice.  We turn down over 80% of the submissions we receive.  Almost all of those rejected submissions violate one or more of the principles in that advice.  Read and heed, folks.

Modern Ninja Magazine is a biannual magazine, published in April and October.  Our first issue will be released in April of 2014.  It is a perfect-bound magazine, 8 1/2 by 11.


Modern Ninja Magazine considers articles related to Ninja practitioners, comparison of techniques, the bio-mechanics of different techniques, Ninja lore, Ninja psychology, Ninja mythology and virtually anything else regarding the Ninja as long as it is thoughtfully and professionally executed.  Preferred article length is under 5,000 words, but that is not firm.  If in doubt, submit it.  Payment is $50.00 for original articles, $10.00 for reprints.  Most probably we will publish no more than one reprint per each edition.

Modern Ninja Magazine considers reviews of movies and books related to the genres we publish, and interviews of writers, publishers, etc.  Preferred length is under 2000 words.  Payment is $10.00 for original reviews; we will not consider reprints.  Probably we will publish no more than one outside review in each edition.

Modern Ninja Magazine considers original short stories of lengths up to 5,000 words [if your story is longer, please query].  Payment is $.03 per story, this rate taking effect with the December 2014 issue.  Modern Ninja Magazine also considers original flash fiction [less than 1300 words], for which the payment is $15.00 per story.

Modern Ninja Magazine considers original poetry of up to 100 lines [if your poem is longer, please query], but like I said earlier, it better blow our collective socks off.  Payment is $10.00 per poem.

Note:  Modern Ninja Magazine also considers reprints of short stories or poems, provided these do not exceed the word or line limits.  Payment for reprints is $15 per story and $7 per poem.

Modern Ninja Magazine considers original color art for the magazine cover.  Payment for the art selected for the cover of the magazine is $25.

Modern Ninja Magazine considers original art in black-and-white for interior art and, on occasion, color art for the back cover.  Payment is $16 per piece.

Modern Ninja Magazine considers reviews of movies and books related to the Ninja, and interviews of writers,  etc.  Preferred length is under 2000 words.  Payment is $7.00 for original reviews; we will not consider reprints.  Probably we will publish no more than one outside review in each edition.

All payments will be made upon acceptance.  Payment includes one contributor’s copy of the magazine.

How to submit your work:

In the upper left corner of the first page of your work, I want to see the name to which you wish the check made out to, the address to which the check is to be mailed, and your e-mail address.  In the upper right hand corner of the first page of your work, I want to see the approximate word count.

Ten lines below your e-mail address, and centered in the page, I want to see the title of your work and your byline [note that the name in the byline does not necessarily have to be the name in the upper left hand corner].  Four lines below your name, I want to see the beginning of your work.

Indent paragraphs five full spaces [you may instead use a 0.25″ tab].  Double-space the lines.  If you use italics, then use italics.  However, if you submit in plain text format, use asterisks * before and after words and phrases to denote italics.  Please use Times New Roman or Courier New font, preferably 12point.

Submit your work as an RTF or Word attachment, or pasted as text in the body of the e-mail.  In the subject line of your e-mail, put Submission Ninja – and the title of your work in the subject line.

Submit your art as a JPEG attachment.  Type Art Ninja – and the title of your piece in the subject line.

Submit your poem as text pasted into the body of the e-mail.  If you desire italics for words and phrases,  place an asterisk * before and after the words to be italicized.

In your e-mail, say hello, and provide your contact information.  This is the same information that appears in the upper left corner of the first page of your submission.  If your submission is accepted, I will request a bio and send you a contract.

Send your e-mail submission to:  submissions@whitecatpublications.com

Modern Ninja Magazine makes every effort to respond within 2 months.  Please do not query until after 3 months.

Other helpful advice:

If you want your work to be published in Modern Ninja Magazine, please pay close attention to the advice below–and yes, we know you’ve seen much of this before, but you’d be surprised how many writers either neglect these things, or just don’t think we mean it [such writers number among those who have a really tough time getting published in a paying market].

1.  Do proofread your work, and eliminate mistakes of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

2.  Do practice word management.  Use the right word, and only as many words as necessary.

3.  If you’re submitting fiction, please remember that plot does matter.  Without a plot, a story is history–in more ways than one.  A plot, simply put, is the answer to the question:  How do I get from the conflict to the resolution?  Answer that question before you write the story, and let the answer guide your pen/keyboard/magic marker.

4.  Do make your characters live through your words, for characters carry your story.  A good story is not about an event or a circumstance or a moral question, but about how your protagonists and antagonists respond to the stimuli of the event or circumstance or moral question.  In a proper story, your protagonist will change in some way as a result of the circumstances or events.  If your protagonist does not change, you have not written a story.

a.  Corollary:  we receive a lot of submissions in which someone is abused as a child and therefore misbehaves as an adult.  This sort of blaming is reductionist and not very useful.  We as humans have and make choices, regardless of our traumas.  We want stories with an eye to the future, not to the past.  In other words, humans are complex, and should not be limited by reductionist motivations.

5.  Do NOT preach.

6.  We do not object to colorful language….IF it has a purpose in the article or storry.  You cannot shock us…but you can annoy me with unnecessary florid language.

7.  Do NOT send simultaneous submissions.  Do NOT send multiple submissions.  One submission at a time, please.

8.  DO tell us if your submission has been published previously, and where and when, so that we may accredit the proper sites.

9.  Set off direct address with commas.    Commas are important.  Editors do not have time to insert them into direct address for you.  That’s your job.


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Science Fiction is not just for adults.  It is the doorway opening to the vistas beyond the prosaic, an inspiration to propel young readers forward into startling possibilities.  Beyond Centauri is a magazine of fantasy, science fiction, and ewww-gross for younger readers [for readers of all ages], published quarterly on the 1st day of January, April, July, and October. Beyond Centauri publishes short stories, poems, illustrations, puzzles, articles, and movie reviews. Treat the younger readers in your family to a a copy…they deserve it.