The Recipearium

recipearium final cover for Kindle

The brilliant Costi Gurgu’s seminal work—the Recipearium is finally available in English.  White Cat Publications is proud to announce that Recipearium is now up for sale at Amazon.  Just listen to some of the accolades he’s received for this lush tale:

Costi Gurgu — the top Romanian science-fiction writer — finally breaks through into the English-language market with RecipeArium, a brilliant, haunting tale. Move over China Miéville — this is the new new weird, a fabulous book with a distinctive, compelling voice.”
— Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of FlashForward

“Not for the faint of heart or imagination, Gurgu’s RecipeArium reveals an alien realm where sex, politics, and a species’ history are fused into terrible yet vital acts of consumption. Intense and unforgettable.”
Julie E. Czerneda, author of This Gulf of Time and Stars

RecipeArium is a startling, even provocative book, yet it’s written in such clear luminous prose and peopled with such sympathetic characters that you’ll be pulled right in. Like the finest cuisine, it will leave you satisfied yet wanting more.”
Karl Schroeder, author of the Virga series

Gurgu delivers a full course meal of epic transcendence in an alien landscape that is at once grotesque and wondrously compelling.  From the vast and forgotten lands of the Edge of the World to the corrupt decadence and intrigue of the nobility who dwell inside the monstrous Carami, Gurgu’s RecipeArium unveils a  fascinating world in transformation. RecipeArium is a sensual metaphoric tale that explores the dialectic quest of duality to realize itself as whole.  Imaginative. Outrageous. Original. Gurgu subverts traditional fantasy and SF with the  promise of  new heights in storytelling.”
Nina Munteanu, author of the Splintered Universe trilogy

RecipeArium is a sumptuous chronicle of alien culture and cutthroat intrigue, set in a city in the belly of a gargantuan beast. Gurgu’s novel gives you an exotic, daring banquet that you will not soon forget.”
Tony Pi, Finalist, John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

RecipeArium is uniquely captivating, intriguing, and compelling. Costi Gurgu engages all the senses, tears the envelope to ribbons, and triggers the deepest erogenous crevices of the mind. The story lingers, long after  you  finish the book, enticing you to question the existential boundaries of hunger. Costi Gurgu accomplishes what all great science fiction authors aim to do—look at something commonplace (eating a meal) in a primal and ultramodern way. RecipeArium drops nouveau cuisine and lust in a blender and presses liquify.”
Suzanne Church, Aurora Award winning author of Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction and Soul Larcenist

Now if that’s not high praise I don’t know what is!


Announcing The Terrarium Dragons




White Cat Publications is proud to announce the publication of Lorie Calkins’ wonderful young adult science fiction story The Terrarium Dragons.  It’s available now in the Kindle version over at Amazon and the print version will follow in the next week or so.  Lorie has an exceptional gift for this genre and it’s a natural for a series.  Here’s the press copy describing the story:

Moving always means a few difficult changes, but Jason’s family just moved to a space station orbiting Mars! How’s that for change?! He’s had to part with everything except his parents and the one thing he would gladly have left behind: his pain-in-the-neck baby sister. But Jason copes with learning the spacer way of life, spacer slang, even the disaster drills his sister makes it impossible to get right.

Among his new friends are Kia, a girl whose grandparents were cosmonauts, and the bugs his teacher captured on a trip to a distant planet. Kia helps him get spacer ways right, and the bugs sense his homesickness. Everyone thinks Jason’s talk about singing dragons is just the imagination of a lonely boy. But when the class bullies cause a station-wide crisis, it’s up to Jason to use his new skills and all his courage to save the tiny dragons he alone thinks are too smart to be just bugs.

Recipearium by Costi Gurgu


Costi Gurgu


White Cat Publications, LLC. has contracted with author Costi Gurgu to publish his science fiction masterwork Recipearium in English. Although written and awarded with Nemira Award in 1994, it was published only in 2006, by Tritonic Publishing Group and under the name Retetarium. It gathered two more awards after publication, the Vladimir Colin Award and Atelierul Kult Award.

Costi is a marvelously gifted writer and we look forward bringing this brilliant work published to English speaking audiences.