Countdown to October Edition

It’s almost time for the Fall edition of White Cat Magazine.  We’d like to thank all of the writers who have been so patient while we sort through the huge volume of submissions we’ve received.  If this keeps up, we will have to go to monthly editions after the first of the year!

Our book submission guidelines are now posted, and our very first eBook will be published right before Halloween.  It’s an urban fantasy werewolf novel titled, “Tainted Blood.”

We don’t accept either donations or advertising at White Cat, so eBook and Book sales; this entire venture will be funding by eBook and Book sales, so do consider purchasing it. 

Over the remaining few days we’ll select the final stories and, again, thanks to all the writers who have been so patient.

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2 Responses to Countdown to October Edition

  1. Looking forward to the new edition and to Tainted Blood. Been wanting to read a good werewolf book

  2. Editor says:

    Since it will be White Cat’s first book, we’ll be looking forward to your feedback.