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We are currently closed to submissions for fiction. Please consider one of our other genre magazines.

Who we are:

White Cat Magazine is the flagship periodical of White Cat Publications. Our goal is to present the very best examples of the genres we represent: dark fiction, sci/fi, fantasy, and mystery/suspense. We are an annual publication publishing short stories, flash fiction, interviews, reviews, and columns for print and digital download. We come out in January.

What we seek:

We are interested primarily in good quality writing in the fantasy, horror, science fiction, and mystery/suspense genres. We will consider stories of any variant of those genres except splatterpunk and erotica.  Purchase a copy here to get a better idea what we’re about.We do not accept poetry at this time. We desire First English Language Serial print, audio and digital rights so that we might present your work in all formats within the magazine.

How we want it formatted:

All manuscripts should be .rtf or doc/docx format and follow the industry standard for formatting (here is a great example: http://www.shunn.net/format/story.html ), however, please make the following changes:

Words in italics should be underlined even in New Times Roman; it’s easier for our design people to see.

Em dashes must touch the words on both sides of them

Ellipses are three dots and do not touch the words on either sides of them. Please use them sparingly.

Please do not use the space bar to indent.

Please use single space text. Do not double return between paragraphs.

Please do put two spaces after periods.

All submissions that don’t meet our guidelines will be rejected.  We’re trying to improve our response times to submissions, but please bear with us as we gear up to handle a larger than expected volume of stories.  Simultaneous submissions are fine with us, just let us know.  We’re all writers here and we’re happy when fellow writers sell their work anywhere they can.  Since we’re a quarterly magazine, we strive to respond to all our submissions within three months.  Due to the volume of submissions, however, please be patient.

What we pay:

Short Stories and flash fiction: We accept stories up to 2,500 words in length, five cents per word.  Reprints are paid out at one cent per word.  Send these to submissions@whitecatpublications.com

Interviews: Query first.  The rate is $25.00 per interview.  Please submit these to queries@whitecatpublications.com

Reviews: Query first.  We are always interested in reviews of genre related books, music, games, products, etc. The rate is .05 per word up to 500 words. Please submit these to queries@whitecatpublications.com

Articles and columns: Query first. We are always interested in engaging and entertaining articles about fiction and non-fiction subjects. We pay .05 cents per word up to 1,ooo words. Please submit these to queries@whitecatpublications.com

Art: While we have a couple in-house artists, we’re always looking for more variety.  Please send a link for your site to queries@whitecatpublications.com

All the above items require a short bio, preferably with a 300 dpi or better picture of yourself. We also require a picture (again, 300 dpi or greater) of the subject, where applicable. Please let us know if you prefer Paypal or money order and your email/address you would like used. All payments are sent within 45 days of publication.


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