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Interview by Jaime A. Geraldi

WhiteCat:  Your extensive list of writing talent includes poetry, non-fiction, short stories and full-length novels. Obviously your drive is tremendous. What fuels your fire in order to spawn such a plethora of a collection of work this diverse?    

LP: I have always loved writing and fiction in particular. I have tried many different formats and fields over the years and learned something from each. New challenges are what keep me interested.  

WhiteCat: Your latest novel ALAMO RISING which you have co-authored with Josh Rountree has recently been dubbed as a Steampunk Zombie Western. Fans of the hit TV show, “The Walking Dead” and the infamous movie star John Wayne have been dreaming of a mash-up exactly like this for quite some time. What and/or how did you gentlemen even come up with such a unique storyline?    

LP: It began as a short story opening that Josh passed to me. We handed it back and forth just having fun with it. Around 20,000 words, we kind of sat up straight and realized there was something bigger happening. We decided it was time to commit or quit, and the rest is history.

WhiteCat: Besides your hobbies of reading and writing, you have also confessed to be a gamer. What makes “gaming” different than writing especially if you must use your hand/eye coordination along with the fierce power in your mind? Or, is it similar?

LP: A lot of the games I prefer (Pandemic, Last Night On Earth, for example) have a strong story concept behind them. Gaming is different from fiction in the ways it does so, but in the end when either is successful, it is because it lets the person interacting with it be a part of an interesting journey toward a goal.  

WhiteCat:  Science Fiction and Fantasy and a few unworldly beasts appear to be a heavy influence in a lot of your writing. If the study of Cryptozoology happens to casually become a topic of conversation, is there any creature or myth that you don’t believe in which you would confess?    

LP: I think modern Cryptid myths are just the continuation of a long line of stories hardwired into the human experience. There may well be some bugaboos out there which have not yet met the spotlight of science of documentation, but I doubt they are very much like the ones we have formed them to be with our stories.

WhiteCat: Some authors have indicated when they dream at night during a deep slumber, they happen to discover revelations for their books which breaks their natural train of thought. Have you personally had any comparable incidents which we may have seen in your past works?     

LP: I don’t think dreaming is a big part of my process. Unless you count daydreaming.   

WhiteCat: If, and maybe when (!), a zombie apocalypse shall forge itself upon this earth, how do you plan to exist? And, have you begun a survival kit containing weapons, food, etc.?    

LP: I’ll just have to make do with my hurricane kit till I join the swarm. 

WhiteCat: There are many people out there who are itching to know what else you have up your sleeve (including myself). What’s next??    

LP: I’m working on a weird crime novel and in the middle of a dayjob transition. All that, plus and working on a game-related passion project means publication of new stuff is going to be slow this year, apart from the possibility of something already being marketed finding a home.


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