Aoife’s Kiss, Issue 43

Issue 43

Stories D. Gansen: Just Another Cochoc Vys Wayne Carey: Property Values Ken Liu: The Messenger’s Tale Meryl Ferguson: A Life In Trade Jen Hansum: The Seal King Daniel Algara: The Mage Of Manera
Lorraine Pinelli Brown: The Heisenberg Principle Jennifer Rachel Baumer: Harp’s World: Finding Lives In The Balance Jennifer Juneau: Broken Bryan Wein: Lakeside: An Old Dream Jamie Lackey: Sleeping Beauty Chris Zollner: The Kindred Tim McDaniel: Season’s Greetings

Poems Wanda A. Wallace: Switches Suzanne Sykora: Rune Stones Christina Sng: Gaea’s Eulogy Shelly Bryant: Jade-Tiger Christina Sng: The Monolith Rone Wisten: Forever Love JD DeHart: Rusted World Amanda Jo Angleberger: Suffocation Between Octopus Arms Richard H. Fay: Pixies In The Porridge
Shelly Bryant: Apocalypse, Now And Again

Features Sweet Tooth reviewed by Ryan David Muirhead

Illustrations Richard H. Fay: Pixies In The Porridge

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