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The Dragon's Dictionary by Marge Simon and Mary Turzillo It's just what it says it is. If you like dragons, if you like tongue-in-cheek, if you like endearing, flying reptiles who read the morning paper before torching the knight errant, and lavish and endearing illustrations, this dictionary is for you. It's just that simple. So is ordering a copy.

But don't take our word for it, read the following reviews from some of literature's greatest minds:

"A brilliant piece of scholarship, seasoned with humor, great-hearted fun, and an unparalleled sense of accuracy."


 "The long-awaited sequel to A Baby Dragon's Garden of Burning Knights, this volume should be adopted by every PG-rated nursery and elementary school library in the western hemisphere."

-Sister Ingratia Nashteeth

 "This is an outrageous mess of twaddle. I plan to sue."

--Ambrose Bierce

    "They still haven't paid me for doing their tax return on the first title."

- Snarky Cheatum, CPA

 "I'm so pretty!"

Zazor Magnifico

   "Never before has such a valuable compilation of drivel been attempted. An awesome feat!"

-Sore Eye Magazine

"A must for every bookshelf and/or orange crate"

-Chicken Hallow Review

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