Alamo Rising

A risen Moctezuma threatens Texas once again with a zombie army from the south. The Queen’s finest steam gear rolls in from the California Colony. as shapeshifting Comanche form a war party to take back their lands. It’s all building toward an epic second battle of the Alamo, and this time the fate of all Texas hangs on a handful of disgraced Rangers, determined cowgirls, revolutionary veterans, and the mysterious Comanche child who could save them all.

IF Larry McMurtry, insomniac and feverish, watched The Walking Dead all night and IF Prater and Rountree found his crumpled notes for a zombie Western, and, fortified by deep swigs of back-forty-brewed moonshine, they wrote all day and all night for a week and a year they would have come up with this wild west fantasy like you’ve never seen before, populated with lawmen in need of redemption, steam-armed British soldiers, a zombie army, a one-armed woman warrior, historical characters twisted beautifully out of true, and one little girl who might save them all.
- Samantha Henderson
Author of Dawnbringer and Heaven's Bones


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