Cover of Darkness Issue 14



Milo James Fowler: Doppleganger Mine
Ross Baxter: Dead Thoughts
Christin Haws: Powerless
Diane Arrelle: Brotherly Love
Lee Clark Zumpe: Wild With Hunger
Richard H. Fay: The Redcap of Glamtallon
William “Bill” Rasmussen: Taking The Garbage Out
Timothy Tarkelly: Heather’s Deathbed


Marge Simon and Sandy DeLuca: The Gray Cat
Joshua Gage: Horrorku
Lindsay Archer: One Day At A Time
Veronica de la Madrid: A Banishing Spell
Amy Huffman: With Darkness


Marge Simon and Sandy DeLuca: Of Moon and Mystic Gowns
Denny Marshall: A Thirst Of Waves

Charles E. J. Moulton: Movie Review – Planet of the Apes
Oliviu Craznic: Book Review – “Blood Journey" by Henry L. Lewis and Terrie L. Relf

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