Tainted Blood

From Ferrel D Moore, author of the terrifying novel"The Ghost Box," comes "Tainted Blood."

A vicious Russian werewolf is loose in Detroit, ripping up the streets and hotly pursued  halfway across the globe by former KGB agents who want revenge.

"This is a top notch werewolf story with an interesting twist to it. It is also a really good story about Russian spies, religious zealots, albino villains, bad guys who turn out to be not such bad guys, and a vastly entertaining master assassin - just to name a few of the characters you meet up with. The werewolf action is truly gory and murder and mayhem abound. The story is about a werewolf but the werewolf isn't the whole story. It makes its appearances and munches it up, but the real story is about all the other people involved in these events. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I recommend it to anyone who's interested in something a little different than the same old regurgitated werewolf stories."  DLM Amazon Reviewer

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