What exactly is Bubbaku?

Edited by L. A. Story Sikora, Bubbaku is a collection of haiku poems for the more enlightened redneck. Many in the target audience would not be caught dead reading poetry, so it might be wise to keep this volume in the outhouse, or locked in the glove box of the pickup, to be read while waiting for the light to change. Haiku, as all y'all know, is a Japanese poetry form consisting of three lines. There are some syllable rules for haiku, but they don't apply to Bubbaku or to Bubbas--just like speed limit signs, calorie counters, born-on mason jar dates, and hunting and fishing restrictions. To give you an idea of what's inside, check out the following: bubbaku #1
sparkling Christmas lights Labor Day weekend never looked more festive bubbaku

#2 weddin’ day special occasions to wear the formal flannel

We had some fun with this, folks. We hope you will, too.

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