Blue Shift Magazine

Here's what editor Bryan Thomas Schmidt has to say about the first issue:

"Welcome to the premiere issue of White Cat Publication’s new science fiction magazine, Blue Shift. It’s both an honor and a challenge to edit a new magazine, and both Rick and Charles left much of the decision-making to me. So what you hold in your hands is my vision of the best science fiction magazine I could create given time, budget, and opportunity. I feel pretty good about the results, and I hope you’ll feel the same.

Like the astronomical phenomenons for which the magazine is named, I’ve aimed the magazine at narrowing your bandwith while still covering a lot of ground. I used a strict definition of science fiction in selecting the stories, all of which have some scientific element essential to the story. No fantasy or slipstream here. This is pure, blue science fiction. At the same time, because we don’t do themed issues, I wanted to cover a broad spectrum, so as each story and article grabs your focus, you’ll be narrowed in to focus on something new yet different from what’s come before and will follow after.

From our science fact article by guest writer Denise Hemphill, covering Blue Shifts to our recurring columns, the nonfiction content will add context to the stories themselves. For example, Juliette Wade examines worldbuilding using examples from several included stories. Jamie Todd Rubin talks about predicting the future, and John E.O. Stevens examines the history of reading science fiction.

The stories themselves are a mix of reprints and new from a diversity of authors. From the comedy of Mike Resnick’s pulpy space opera “Catastrophe Baker and The Dragon Queen” to the deeper science of Gary Cuba’s “Another Day at the Collider,” from the light action of Jason Larrimore and Jennifer Brozek’s protagonists facing space cockroaches and an invasion of adverts to the classic Robert Silverberg tale which closes the issue, there’s plenty of variety for everyone.

I’m grateful and honored to have Mike and Bob present here, because the two are writing heroes of mine and have supported my work tremendously. It’s a privilege to give you the opportunity to visit some of their great work alongside work by some very talented up and coming writers who share my admiration for them.

In the reviews, you’ll find Paul Weimer reviews two games for us, and various contributors review the latest novels from sword and sorcery to science fiction, ya to adult."

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