Theresa Stephens and The Ghost Box

We’re happy to say that The Ghost Box is now an audiobook available at Audible.  Very exciting stuff.  Theresa Stephens did a great wonderful job of recording it!  Her voice and presentation were perfect for the story.  Theresa also recorded The Terrarium Dragons for us.  It takes a real pro to be able to do both horror and children’s science fiction and to sound perfectly natural doing either one, but Theresa pulls it off in style.

Her bio reads:  “Theresa Stephens has been using her voice to make a living for most of her life.  Originally from Louisville, KY, she started in radio as part of the morning show on a local oldies station.  From there, she moved to Los Angeles where she tried her hardest to make the traffic reports sound as exciting as possible, along with memorable extra roles in film and television like “secretary” and “girl with banana.”  Moving back to her hometown of Louisville in her 30s, Theresa found her dream job – narrating audiobooks.  She’s worked for the American Printing House for the Blind and in her own home studio for almost 7 years, narrating well over 400 books.   She lives happily with her husband, Scott, and her 10-year-old son, Jack.  And Tucker the Dog.  And Mick the Rabbit.  It’s crowded.”

We asked her 7 questions about her career, and here’s how she answered:

1 – I’ve been in radio since college (a very long time!), and so I’ve been doing voice work all my life. My dream job was always to narrate audio books – this was way back before they became popular for sighted people. I first started when I volunteered in the ‘90s for a company which produced audio magazines for UK sports – which was difficult, being a U of L fan!

2 – Yes, I’ve worked at the American Printing House for the Blind since 2010. All the books I do there are for the Library of Congress. These book are available for free, but only for those legally blind. Recording for those who can’t see or for those who listen for pleasure are usually the same – the biggest challenge is describing photos or charts/maps. Very hard to put into words sometimes!

3 – I came with a radio background – which can sometimes be a negative. A lot of people in radio have a real “announcer” sound, which doesn’t work well with books. But I also have a background in acting and that definitely helps! It’s a one-woman play most days!

4 – If there are a lot of voices in a book, I usually write them down. I wish I was more creative, but I usually call them “tough guy” or “snarky girl” or “sweet mom!” As bad as it may sound, I am kind of stereotypical with my voices. When you read a story where the character is described as a big beefy guy, do you think of someone with a high voice? Nope! So when I see that, I automatically give him a deep voice, sometimes kind of, how do I put it? Not so smart?? haha The nice girl who is the best friend? High, sweet voice. The snarky sister? Totally 90s Valley Girl voice.

5 – For my work with ACX and other contract audiobooks, I record by chapter. For the printing house, we work in 2-hour increments, and we just record as much in that two-hour slot as possible!

6 – Honestly, I like it all. I’ve been a huge reader all my life, and I love variety. I read A LOT of romance, but I still enjoy it. I have a tendency to do a lot of Young Adult because my voice fits well with that genre, but there are a lot of good authors out there. My favorite author of all time is Stephen King, so I love me some horror, too!

7 – All I really want to do is continue what I’m doing. It took a lot of wrong turns to get me where I am today, and I just want to stay in this very happy place!


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