Townsend Mountain AudioBook Production

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Production is already underway for the audio version of Claude Everett Bush’s Townsend Mountain. We should have it up on Audible in 3-4 Weeks. Larry Jones is doing the production for us, because historical nonfiction is his favorite genre and he loves the story. We’re not including the genealogical trees in this because they would be boring listening, but have reached out to Don Rogers and The New Kentucky String Ticklers who wrote the song “Townsend Cave,” to see if we can include it in the Audiobook version. Townsend Cave is from their album Generations. Over at Red Barn Radio, Don, who wrote the song says:

“The details of this story come from the non-fiction book Townsend Mountain written by Claude Everett Bush. The Townsend’s were one of the first families to settle in the rough country where Powell, Estill, Lee, and Wolfe counties come together in east Central Kentucky. They were very torn during the Civil War with extended family members taking opposing sides, many of them having fought for the Union. This song tells the story pretty much as it is described in Mr. Bush’s book. The patriarch of the Townsend family, James Townsend, is an ancestor of mine whose sons all fought for the Union, while my great-great grandmother, Sally Ann Townsend Rogers, was married to a Confederate soldier and lived only a short distance from Townsend Cave.”

So the song would be a perfect match for the Audiobook version of Townsend Mountain, and we’re hoping to get the go ahead for it.  We’re crossing our fingers.

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