Townsend Mountain Published!

townsend mountain


Townsend Mountain is now available in Kindle format, due to the gracious thoughtfulness Claude Everett Bush’s daughters. The audio version is in process and now and will be available at Audible Monday evening. The print version, including full genealogies prepared by Claude Everett with some new additions will be available by August 1st latest. As a heads up for everyone, the new editions include a forward by Claude Everett’s daughter Jennie, which reads:

“My favorite memory of my childhood in Lee County was listening to the stories that my Dad had learned from his grandfather. Dad’s stories didn’t just tell us what happened at a certain time, they also brought the past back to life. As Dad described the experiences of our early ancestors, I could visualize them as clearly as if I had been there. What really happened depended on Dad’s perspective as a storyteller, and his audience, but we learned a great deal about the hardships of our early ancestors. I loved going with him to Torrent, and Townsend Cave, and seeing the locations where earlier folks had lived. He identified tunnels, the winding stairs, and the remains of the old railroad track. We also visited old cemeteries and he identified the weathered headstones of some of the subjects of his stories. He was adamant that we learn from him, and remember.

I was so happy and relieved when Dad decided to write the stories instead of relying on oral traditions. Many of us moved away, and I was afraid my children would never hear all the stories during our limited visits home. Dad did research, studying genealogies, contacting distant relatives and friends, and making new acquaintances as he tried to document the stories he had heard in his youth. He paid to publish the first copies in 1988, and experienced the pleasure of hearing from folks who read his book. He kept a file and a record of everyone who called or wrote to comment or add to his memories of the events. Dad died in February, 2000, and he would be so humbled and proud to know his book created enough interest to attract a publisher.”

You can see that Claude Everett died a lucky man with daughters like Brenda, Dixie and Jennie to carry on for him.

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