White Cat Gets Promotion Deal

This weekend we put together a deal to represent Sams Dot Publishing publications in eBook format.  We’ll begin making them available by next week.  Sams Dot is a time tested, well respected press producing a wide variety novels, anthologies and magazines specializing in science fiction, fantasy and dark fiction headed by publisher and writer Tyree Campbell.  We’re very proud to be collaborating with them in this venture.

Mr. Campbell is a marvelously prolific writer and author of the popular futuristic suspense thrillers centered around a female assassin named Nyx.  If you enjoyed Aeon Flux, you’re going to love Nyx.  We’ll be reviewing Nyx Mystere this weekend and post it here under the review section.

Also on the review schedule for next week is the new novel by David Kazzie, who produced the funniest YouTube video on the web on writing, called “So You Want to Be a Writer.”  This man has made so many of us laugh that we’re happy to profile his new work.

This past weekend found us at Conclave, the annual Science Fiction and Fantasy convention held near Detroit, MI dong a series of lectures on monster hunting.  It was great fun and kudos to the organizers.

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2 Responses to White Cat Gets Promotion Deal

  1. Excellent. Sounds great. This one looks outstanding. I’ve read some of cambell’s stuff before.

  2. Editor says:

    Great cover, isn’t it? Plus it’s a wonderful concept. Representing Sam’s Dot Publishing is a wonderful opportunity for us.